UK Confederation’s fundamental aim is to create opportunities for our members, strengthening trilateral trade relations between Spain, Italy, the UK, and globally.
Our members connect with each other at our events, dinner parties, networking evenings, and webinars helping each other achieve their business goals.

We Focus on Building Value

We help founders and professionals grow their careers/businesses; we do this through providing access to Knowledge, Inspiration, Education, and Social inclusion of a global community.


At UK Confederation you can find support with your peer group of successful people.



Representing the interests of our members is at the forefront of our organization.

Our mission is to help the development of all people, professions, companies, associations, federations, and associated organizations.

We aim to do this through networking activities, events, personal introductions, and dedicated services.

The Confederation promotes the protection and improvement of the role of our members and/or organizations, in terms of equal opportunities, in the British constitutional, legislative, economic and social system and in the corresponding European spaces.

Membership benefits

Fast growing network of companies, associations and professionals
Offline and online events and seminars



Discount & Special Offers

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The Confederation does not pursue political, religious or lucrative ends, it is non-partisan and undertakes to guarantee, towards the confederated subjects and in compliance with its statutes, total transparency in organizational and administrative management, as well as in that of the articulations and eventual emanations companies and organizations controlled directly or indirectly.