Welcome to the UK Confederation – an innovative and dynamic non-profit organization that creates business opportunities for its members through a range of networking events, direct introductions, workshops, seminars, and other initiatives.

At the UK Confederation, we believe that by working together, we can achieve greater success than we ever could alone. That’s why we partner with other associations to create stronger opportunities and long-term collaborations, and support a range of charities and mentoring activities that give back to the community.

Our organization is founded on a set of core values, including integrity, trust, equality, and respect, and we believe in taking responsibility and getting things done – together. With a strong presence in several countries, we’re also part of an international network that provides our members with access to a wealth of knowledge, resources, and expertise from around the world.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business leader, or young professional looking to build your career, the UK Confederation is the perfect organization to help you achieve your goals. Our events, workshops, and other initiatives provide you with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, expand your network, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in your field.


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The Confederation does not pursue political, religious or lucrative ends, it is non-partisan and undertakes to guarantee, towards the confederated subjects and in compliance with its statutes, total transparency in organizational and administrative management, as well as in that of the articulations and eventual emanations companies and organizations controlled directly or indirectly.