New partnership with Associazione Orbita

new partnership with associazione orbita

UK CONFEDERATION by CONFASSOCIAZIONI is extremely pleased to announce its partnership with Associazione Orbita.

Associazione ORBITA is an association created to encourage participation and dialogue between institutions, citizens, and businesses, promote cultural initiatives, and support the growth of Apulia and Italy in every field. It brings together people and experts from all fields to face, with the energy of enthusiasm and the strength of skills, the present challenges, and propose solutions for the future.
ORBITA and UK Confederation by Confassociazioni will be working together and cooperating to promote common values by sharing activities, initiatives and events.

“At Orbita, we are delighted to be starting this collaboration with UK Confederation, a collaboration that we are sure will be fruitful and will lead to the growth and enrichment of our members,” said Luigi De Santis, President at Orbita. “It is an international collaboration, as our associations are, which, through a deep-rooted network in Italy and abroad, will help to achieve important goals for the benefit of our territory. I would like to thank our representative, Mr Saponaro, for finalising this agreement and, together with him and all our members, we are ready to undertake a series of joint initiatives, which we will publicise in detail”.

“I am confident that the collaboration between UK CONFEDERATION and ORBITA will lead all members to share a path of further growth, as a result of a culture of integration, aggregation and networking; values that both associations represent well and that will allow us to achieve increasingly ambitious goals,” said Orbita representative for relations with UK Confederation, Vincenzo Saponaro. “I would like to thank the President of UK CONFEDERATION Stefano Potortì and the President of ORBITA Luigi De Santis who, following the vision and principles of the associations they represent, have enthusiastically welcomed this further opportunity for growth and collective development”.

The President of UK Confederation by Confassociazioni, Stefano Potortí, says he is “enthusiastic about this agreement, which will continue to strengthen relations between the UK and Apulia. Despite Brexit, the UK remains a country where it is possible to carry out many different activities while maintaining strong connections with Italy”.