New partnership with API – Associazione Pizzerie Italiane

new partnership with api - associazione pizzerie italiane
Founded in Rome in 1989, API‘s mission has always been to support and promote the professional activity of its members, representing them in their relations with bodies and institutions. Its commitment to organising major events has not only made the association grow but has also elevated and spread the art of Italian pizza around the world. Thanks to its commitment to providing professional courses for pizza makers, in line with the esteemed National School of Pizza guidelines, API has become a beacon of excellence in pizza training.
As President of UK Confederation, Stefano Potortì says: “I am extremely excited and honoured by this extraordinary alliance with API. This partnership represents an unparalleled opportunity to share knowledge, experience and best practice, promoting growth and deep mutual understanding. We share a common mission of teaming up and collaborating synergistically to promote the Made in Italy brand abroad while proudly advancing our values. We strongly believe in the excellence of Italian products and traditions, and together we will strive to consolidate this partnership, creating a solid and collaborative network that will enable us to face global challenges and promote Made in Italy as a symbol of quality and creativity worldwide”.

Angelo Iezzi, API President, said: ‘We are confident that we will achieve results in line with the expectations of this valuable collaboration by making available our in-depth knowledge of the whole white art and in particular of the ‘Pizza alla Romana’ brand. There will be a lot of work to be done, well aware that we have signed with UK Confederation a noble and valiant cooperation!”
Both associations would like to sincerely thank Federico Fiorentini, a valuable member and councillor, for his fundamental contribution to facilitating this agreement.

Stay tuned for the exciting updates that will take us through this new chapter of our collaboration and help us achieve excellence together!

Powering Hospitality: UK Confederation and IoH Collaboration

Powering Hospitality: UK Confederation and IoH Collaboration

We are proud to announce that UK CONFEDERATION by CONFASSOCIAZIONI and the Institute of Hospitality (IoH) have entered into a strategic partnership to foster professionalism and drive business growth within the dynamic hospitality industry.


The IoH, a global professional body representing over 14,000 members, is renowned for its dedication to promoting quality and upholding exacting standards across the hospitality sector worldwide. IoH operates an extensive local and international network, including regions in the UK, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Hong Kong.
Through this partnership, both organizations are set to unlock a wide range of benefits for their members and will collaborate on initiatives aimed at propelling business growth within the hospitality industry.


Commenting on the collaboration, UK Confederation President, Stefano Potortí Potorti, said: “We are thrilled to join forces with the Institute of Hospitality to foster professionalism and growth within the hospitality industry. Our combined expertise and resources will enable us to provide our members with unparalleled opportunities for networking, professional development, and business growth. We look forward to working closely with the IoH to shape the future of hospitality and create a lasting impact on the industry.”
Robert Richardson FIH MI, IoH CEO said: “This is a significant collaboration for the IoH and I am delighted that we will be providing the UK Confederation’s members with access to our professional resources. As the global hospitality body for the hospitality industry, we are committed to ensure we support the existing and next generation of industry talent across the globe. We are looking forward to working together to help further this goal.”


With a shared commitment to encouraging innovative practice and collaboration for better employability outcomes, this partnership is sure to create business opportunities and inspire the next generation of hospitality professionals.


Read the full press release below to learn more.


PR UK Confederation – IoH